Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cupcake Pop

This is my first attempt at making the cupcake pop! I know they are huge but these are for a few special graduates this week! So this called for something more then a bite!

Mini Popper Cake Pops

Introducing the mini popper cake pop! Smaller then an actual cake pop and you can seriously pop this one biter into your mouth and say yummy! I decided to do the mini popper as a taster for myself this week because I'm working with different cake flavours and icing. Before any cake pop goes out, I need to try them first so this seems to be the best size for my waist line! In the photo below, you can imagine how tiny by the size of the espresso cup and saucer. Or to say, it's just half a cake pop rolled and dipped in chocolate coating on a 4" stick.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Turquoise & Yellow Cake Pops for a Bridal Shower

Here are 40 bridal shower cake pops. Martha had a theme of using yellow and turquoise. I think the two colours together look beautiful! Good choice Martha! Thank you for choosing me to make your cake pops! Good luck with the remaining wedding plans!

Bouquet of assorted cake pops

Funny Face Cake Pops

Wishing a little 2 year old a very Happy Birthday with her cake pop buddies!
What two year old child wouldn't want to bite into these faces!