Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Many thanks!

I really don't know where to begin my thank you list of names of everyone who gave their support in helping me get through this weekend at the Baking and Sweets show. So as tired as I am after rolling over 1000 cake pops for this weekend, I will try.

I like to thank Fedele Naccarato and Paul Uguccioni from the Baking and Sweets show, who convinced me to take part in this show. After much complaining, whining and unsureness, I must admit that they were absolutely right about me doing so well. Being my first exhibit, I was amazed of the great turn out and more so amazed that all cake pops sold in 3 days! You guys are great! I'm so glad we met and even more glad that I was part of this show! Thanks to my Bomb Boys!

I like to thank the best mother-in-law one can ask for who baked many cakes of many flavours! 
Chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, banana, pumpkin, chocolate banana, lemon, orange and apple spice! Along with everything else she helped in taking part in with this show. There's no way I could of done it without her help! Thanks to the Bomb Grandma for helping me put this whole thing together from baking, wrapping, arranging, shopping and reminding of all things that I've forgotten many many times and being with me all 3 days at this show.

I like to thank my cousins Christina and Laura for interacting this weekend with everyone that dropped by the booth to sample and buy cake pops. 

Christina, you know your amazing! Thanks for putting together the logo, business cards, brochures, and signs for The Cake Bomb! I'm sure I'm not done with you but your in much needed of a break as I am! I knew the first day we met, 7 years ago, when you wouldn't shut up for a second and your mouth was going 100 miles an hour, that I was going to need you sometime in my life... this was the weekend! You know I heart you! 

Laura, I had to forget that you are pregnant and have a bad back at times because I really needed your support this weekend. Even though the 10 phone calls a day, 100 emails and 50 texts messages, everyday leading up to this weekend, checking up on me if I was ok, reminding me that I can do it weren't enough, I'm glad you were there to share this moment with me! It's amazing how many people still mistaken us as sisters and ask if we're twins after all these years! Maybe we will have to add an "s" at the end of The Cake Bomb soon! 
Thanks to my Bomb Girls for helping me keep sane this weekend although I'm sure you wanted to smack me a few times or more! lol

I like to thank all my friends and family that came to visit me at the show and those who sent their wishes and support for believing in me and telling me to stick to it! To many to mention but you all know who you are! Thanks for the love!

And of course, my husband, Mike, for not telling to forget this idea and supporting me every step of the way. For all my crack downs, laughter and tears we shared leading up to this weekend. Mike knew from the moment he tasted one of many cake pops, that these would be a great success. My crazy kids, Victoria and Anthony who have been eating plenty of cake pops for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still aren't sick of them! Now mommy needs to figure out a way to add veggies in these cake pops for them! 

Thank you everyone! I'm tired. 


  1. Wow. I found your site because I was googling about what it would be like to make 1000 pops. I have an opportunity to make 100 dozen cake pops for a group and I'm really scared that I might not be able to pul it off. I'm a full-time mom with a 19-month old and I'm torn as to whether this might be too much to take on with it just being me to bake, roll, dip, and wrap all the pops.

    How many days did it take you to create all the pops?

  2. Honestly, my brain was fried, my memory was shot and all I can say is you need help. I couldn't of done it alone. I had a lot of help with my mother-in-law baking and doing the wrapping. I did all the rolling dipping and decoration but it is very time consuming. I have 2 children and if they weren't in school and daycare, there is no way I'd be able to do it. It was my first show so I really didn't know what I was doing. But in the end, the hard work really did pay off. And once I met Buddy and he picked my winning turkey cake pop, it really was worth it in the end. I believe I did it all in 2-1/2 weeks. It was crazy, I was glad when it was over that's for sure!


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